The 3-day course is divided into didactics and hands-on practicing on live models. To optimize learning, class sizes are kept small.
Our goal is to ensure that our participants leave with confidence and skill sets to be able to practice safely and effectively. 
The foundations course is designed for healthcare professionals looking to break into the field of aesthetic medicine. Throughout the course, you will learn about neuromodulators and hyaluronic acid and their utilization in beautification and anti-aging treatments. You will become familiar with different brands that are currently FDA and Health Canada approved, a thorough assessment of facial anatomy and ageing patterns, techniques to showcase aesthetically pleasing results, and most importantly, consideration of all safety parameters when carrying out cosmetic injectables.

Why we are Different

All of our training courses are headlined by Angela Kane RN, one of the leading injectors in Canada. She has years of experience in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Her experience includes working alongside world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Claudio DeLorenzi in Ontario and the late Dr. Jonathan Lee in Calgary. 
Additionally, she has developed course content for other aesthetic training programs and has served as a clinical trainer providing peer to peer training for Galderma, makers of Dysport, and Restylane. 
Our team of supportive professionals have many years of experience and have been able to truly master their techniques.
safety and comfort.

Recommended Course Add-ons:

BUSINESS of being an injector, regulatory requirements, ensuring client privacy

SOCIAL MEDIA strategies to market yourself while ensuring client privacy

INTERNSHIPS are available and customizable to you needs. Foundations course is a prerequisite.

Learning Expectation

  1. Identification of the pertinent anatomy of the face including musculature, blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Contraindications (absolute and relative) to Botox and Fillers
  3. Facial assessment for wrinkles, lines, folds and sunken cheeks using the principles of aesthetic proportions.
  4. Facial assessment for correctable rhytids including glabellar lines, crowsfeet, forehead lines, bunny lines and lips
  5. Learn to inject the face with neuromodulators to produce relaxation and prevention of complications
  6. Learn to inject the dermis, subcutaneous tissue and supraperiosteal tissue with temporary hyaluronic acid fillers to nasaolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, lips using a needle and prevention of complications
  7. Preparation for emergent adverse events.


What Is Included

  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Hands-on training on live models
  • Meals provided each day
  • Industry contacts
  • Certificate of completion

Pre Requisites

  • Registered Health Practitioners:  RN, MD, RPh, DDS, NP, LPN  
  • Prior to enrollment, practitioner ID is required.


= $7000

 (early registration +30 days prior to course= $500 discount)

Neuromodulators and Fillers